New approach to investment project management

We have been successfully managing the complex investment projects in the property market for seven years now, transforming the new ideas into the commercial success. We implement both the fully commercial projects and the investments with the participation of the public institutions, local governments, and research centres. We skilfully combine the breakthrough visions with the practical knowledge and experience.

What makes us stand out of the crowd? 

  • Innovative approach to the space creation.
  • Expertise in designing the functions tailored to the changing market needs.
  • Ability to design and manage the business processes to support the innovation development and the profits maximisation.
  • Co-development of the programs for the innovative companies in the field of the leading project industries.


We create the highest quality space for the development of an innovation, in which appropriately-designed business processes will support the development of mature enterprises, as well as those which just enter the market. We design comprehensive ecosystems that allow you to succeed on the market. 


We believe that only a creative combination of architecture, public space, functions and related business processes can maximize successes on the market. Therefore, we develop a unique-on-a-national-scale model of the Kampus+ innovation ecosystem, which, thanks to cooperation with various entities and complexity of functions, will create the best conditions for innovation and success. 


Grow with Us

Innovations on planning, implementation and execution of projects allow enterprises to develop and build a real competitive advantage. We know how in an innovative way to manage them successfully. We cooperate with domestic and foreign partners to constantly expand horizons and gain unique knowledge, used in investment projects.


A comprehensive ecosystem is a variety of entities, intermingling of functions and wide environment of cooperation, which translates into higher profits and long-term development of our partners and tenants of the project. 

Functions supporting the innovation

We know what functions and services help create innovative solutions and are necessary to succeed on the market. Therefore, we precisely design functions and select the best partners to implement projects.



The best place for the development of the R&D departments of the innovative enterprises.

From the earliest phases, we develop our projects to help improve the mature enterprise and create the best environment for growth. 


What are the benefits of company's development under the Kampus + Ecosystem?

  • The possibility of company's development based on comprehensive functions to support research and development activities.
  • Access to the latest research infrastructure.
  • Friendly, well-designed space that stimulates creativity and unconventional thinking.  
  • Various environment, providing for the exchange of knowledge and experience. 
  • Access to skilled workers, technology graduates, scientists and innovators. 

The place for the innovation

We create places where the balanced working environment seamlessly interwines with the community life, thus encouraging to mutual cooperation and inspiration. The place close to the people and close for the people, where all the tools crucial to the full development are within arm's reach.  


Residential zone is an integral part of our projects, hence we believe that the people decide about the potential of the space

When designing the space for business development and innovation, we take care of creating the highest quality zone for the residents. We design attractive places to live for employees of companies, students, academics, but also for anyone who wants to have access to attractive jobs, relax and personal development in the immediate vicinity of their home.